Nativity Scene

Matthew's Version By Sebastien Murray

About the Story

It was always about the donkey that was used to carry Mary, The animals that surrounded Joseph and Mary and of course, the three wise man that came to celebrate Jesus's birth... but not anymore. In the bible there was no donkey. It was probably just a carriage that was carrying Mary so there goes the donkey. With the animals, there weren’t actually any animals surrounding Mary and Joseph. Mary and Joseph had given birth to Jesus in a cave. Now, let's talk about the Three Wise Men. In the bible they didn't talk about the three wise men so there were probably plenty of people that came to visit the birth of Jesus. But the one thing that stays the same is the birth of Jesus that was placed on a manger with the surrounding star that covered the scene with light...

The Birth of Jesus

One night when a Mary and Joseph were on a carriage, Mary was stopped as the baby was ready to be born. Mary and Joseph quickly walked to the closest cave and baby Jesus was born by a virgin. Jesus was then put on a manger to rest. It was thought that some people came to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A star then shot up in the sky and filled the scene with light when the baby was born...

... According to Matthew, Joseph didn't want to disgrace Mary so he wanted to call off the marriage until an angel came and convinced him to keep the marriage.