All About Joyce Danecia Valdivia

By:Joyce Danecia Valdivia

Joyce Danecia Valdivia

My name is Joyce Danecia Valdivia I'm 11 years old and I'm in sixth grade.I go to Los Amigos Tenncnology Adcadmey.I have four poepl living with me.They are my tow brothers Josh and Jason.I also live iwth my grandma and her name is Karen.

The school i go to is Los Amigos Technology Acdamey

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My teachers name is Ms.Durazo and im in 6th grade.I have a lot of friends in my class room.

Favorite Subject


My favorite subject is math because it is easy and fun.It is fun when you do activites with it it makes learning math fun.

Favorite Specials

P.E and Art

My favorite specails are P.E and Art.I like P.E because I get to excercise with my friends and we also get to play sports.I like Art class because I also like to draw and color thing.I also like music class to because you sing.


Play with friends

When I go outside for recess at school I play with my friends on the feild,swings,and the basketball court.

After School

Play Outside

I play ouside with my friends in the neiberhood or I just spend time with my grandma nad my btrothers.

Favorte Activites

Painting and Drawing

I like to paint and draw with my friends.


I like to play basketball with my brothers and friends.


Family Members

I have four people in my family.I have two olders brothers their names are Josh Valdivia and Jason Valdivia.I aslo have a grandma name Karen.

When I Grow Up

The Job I Want To Have

I want to be a engineer.I wnat ot be a engineer because i get to work with poeple and coraperate.


University of Arizona

I want to go to University of Arizona because I heard its a great collage.

Favorite Sport


I like basketball because it is really fun and you get excersise from it.I like it also because I get to play with my family and friends.

The House I want to live in

My House

I want to live in this house because it is big and it loks really nice.
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The Car i want

My Car

I want this car because i like trucks and it will carry more stuff.
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Where I want to live


I want to still live hear because I want to be close to my family and friends for I can visit them.