Political Cartoon

By: Lauren Robinson

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The main idea is the satire that the Atheists are trying to prevent us form having Christmas, just like the grinch stole christmas.

1. Labeling - artists label certin things to help the reader understand better.

The artist labled the man, because he's an Atheists, and atheists don't believe in god. So This cartoon is trying to encourage us not to belive in god.

2. Symbolism: Cartoonists use simple objects, or symbols, to stand for larger

concepts or ideas. The items in the cartoon is a form of symbolism, they represent, Jesus, and god.

3. Analogy: An analogy is a comparison between two unlike things that share

some characteristics. By comparing a complex issue or situation with a more

familiar one, cartoonists can help their readers see it in a different light. The grinch and the atheists are are the two unlike things. The caroonists is trying to emphasis on our freedom of religion.