Three Euopean countries to know


In this smore we will cover three countries that are very fascinating that would be cool to know about, those three countries are, Poland, Iceland and, Austria. i Chose Poland because of my Polish ancestry. Secondly I chose Iceland because Nobody really knows anything about. Lastly I chose Austria because of my Austrian ancestry and because I knew little about it.


First off I chose Poland. Here are some facts about Poland

  • -Poland is a small country about the size of New Mexico in Europe,
  • - it's a Democratic Republic, and ruled by Bronisław Komorowski.
  • -also someImportant/famous placesare the Polish war memorial, Auscwitz concentration camp Wawel Royal Castle Warsaw, etc.
  • - The Population of Poland is38,383,809+
  • -The GDP of Poland is 487.7 billion
  • -Currency: Zloty (1 Zloty=0.33 US Dollar)
  • -Language:Polish
  • -Cultural foods: Polish Cheesecake, Apple Tarts, makowiec, etc.
  • -Location: Central Europe, East of Germany
  • -Climate: Cold, dry

  • -Religion:Roman Cathloc 89,8%, Eastern Orthadaox Protestant 0.3%, unspecified 8.3%
  • -Poland is known for its classical music
  • - And Polands climate is cold, snowy, with dry summers.


Secondly I chose Iceland. Some facts about Iceland are that

  • The Government is a Constitutional republic/ Parliamentary republic
  • The leader of Iceland is Olafur Ragnar Grimsson
  • The Government is limited
  • Iceland is not a European Union member
  • Currently in iceland water pollution from fertilizer runoff and inadiquate wastewater treatment is a big problem
  • Naddoddr, and Garoarr Svavarsson discoverd Iceland
  • A big historical monument is Bjarg in Midfjordur
  • The population of Iceland is 320,137 people (2012)
  • 1.19% of Iceland is Arable land
  • The main agriculture products of Iceland are potatoes, turnips, carrots, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower
  • Iceland uses lots of fertilizer
  • The GDP of Iceland is $12.69 billion
  • The GDP per capita of Iceland is $39,700
  • The currency is Icelandic krona and 1 us dollar is equal to 115.452 Icelandic krona
  • Icelands three largest banks collapsed in late 2008
  • In Iceland they speak Icelandic
  • In Iceland the main religion is Lutheran Church of Iceland (officail)
  • Some of the most famous polish landmarks are the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, Gullfoss, and Askja
  • The main cultural foods are lamb, dairy, and fish
  • Some the most popular artisis are Bjork, and Olafur Arnalds.
  • For literature some of the best known for the sages written in medieval time, starting in the 13th century, Old Norse literature
  • Iceland Is northwest of Ireland and the UK
  • In Iceland it is cold, with tundra, fast winds, and random occurrence of storms
  • Iceland is slightly smaller then Kentucky with a 4,970 km coastline


Lastly I chose Austria

  • The government of Austria is Federal Republic
  • The Leader of Austria is Heinz Fischer
  • The government of Austria is limited
  • Austria is a European union member
  • Currently transshipment point for southwest Asian herion and South American cocaine destined for western Europe Which includes Autria
  • Austria was reduced to a small republic after its deafeat in World War I
  • Historical Monuments in Austria in clude the Schonbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Palace
  • The estimated population of Austria is 8.462 million
  • 16.25% of Austria is arable land
  • The main agricultural products of Austria are wheat, oats, rye, fruits, vegetables, sugar, potatos, and grapes
  • The GDP of Austria is about $362 billion
  • The GDP per capita of Austria is $42,000
  • The currency of Austria is Euros
  • One Euro is the same as 1,36 US dollars
  • In 2008 a subsequent global economic downturn led to a sharp but brief recession. Austrian GDP contracted 3.8% in 2009 but saw positive grouth of about 2% in 2012 and 2.7% in 2011
  • Some of the most famous brands of Austria are Red Bull, OMV, and Erste
  • Austrians usually speak German
  • The domanant religion of Austria is Roman Catholic
  • Some of the most popular places in Austria are The Schonbrunn palace, Hofburg Palace and Zugspitze
  • Austira is known for its cuisine and some famous Dishes of Austrua are Tafelspitz, Rindsuppe
  • Some famous Austrian composers are, Mozart, Joseph Haydn,etc. and literature of Austria is primarily German
  • Austria is in Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia
  • Austria is slightly smaller then Maine at 83,871 square kilometers