Need to expand your network??

Try this! #DROPANDGO

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Raffle Time

OKAY~~~~~>>> Here is your HOMEWORK for the holiday months (besides booking 2 pops for each month. ) It is time for ‪#‎DROPANDGO‬. Drop and go????? YEP it is a super easy and FUN project that you ALL can do. Here is the skinny.......

~Make a list of 50-100 local businesses and/or events local to your area that you can think of off the top of your head. Drs offices, spas, bakeries, dance studios, realtors, gyms, etc..........
~Research your area for more ideas and places
~BRAND and create your own RAFFLE basket, notecards, etc......What I mean by that is get funky, stay on brand but think up a very cool and sweet LITTLE display for a raffle item of your choice (maybe the ruby studs in time for the holidays?),catalogs, cards, 8X10 pic frame with a c and i pic or raffle instructions, clipboard for raffle entries, etc...Keep it to a minimum for space.
~PREPARE your speech. Be ready and confident to approach at least 2-5 businesses to start, ask to be able to set up a small raffle for their lobby. ACT like you have done this a million times because you are AWESOME. Set it up to run for 4-5 days and make sure to tell the biz that YOU will be cross advertising for them by dropping this in their venue. You will be letting your network and social media know to stop by to enter the raffle. FREE ADVERTISING...duhhhhhhh no brainer right????
~ Be prepared for some NO's. Yes you will get some that say NO or you may get some raffles that have zero entries??? Crazy right?? BUT it is okay....this exercise is also to build confidence and creativity NOT to just get sales and leads. It is a WIN WIN for you no matter the outcome. No sadness allowed, every NO brings you closer to a YES!!!!
~The ROI is huge on this!!!! You put in the prep work and secure the locations and BOOM!!

~ I would suggest prepping yourself for 10 locations......I'd like to see you have 10 raffles going on in 10 spots around town??? Imagine if you got just 30 leads from each raffle? That is 300 new leads to plug into your email and website!!!! That is HUGE!!!!!!!

****Can you commit to this project for the next few months????? I believe in YOU and I know you can do this. Time to expand your network ladies. The holidays is the PERFECT time to do this!!! GOOD LUCK.

XO~ Vanessa