Who's That?

Biography Project

What You Need To Know...

Students will research 3 people: 1 historical figure, 1 entertainment figure/professional athlete, and 1 friend/family member. All subjects will be teacher and parent/guardian approved prior to beginning research.

Four Categories of Research

There are 4 categories of information that need to be researched for each person.

  • Basic Info: Date of Birth/Death, Real Name, Place of Birth
  • Background Info: Family Life, Friends, Schooling, Training, etc.
  • What they are known for/Special Interests/Skills
  • Charity Work/Positive Influences on Society/Accomplishments

Project Criteria

Students have 3 options for their project.

Poster: Must include a picture of each person and all information.

Power Point: Minimum of 12 slides (4 for each person), must include a picture of each person and all information.

Paper: Typed in 12 point font (Times New Roman)

A Bibliography in MLA format is mandatory for all projects. At least 3 sources required. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source!