What I learned in Astronomy

Jimmy Pallis

What I got out of this course

This course helped me prepare for physics it taught in depth about astronomy and when we would talk about space I had a better understanding than everyone else. Overall this class made me more ready for physics by teaching me about he physics of space.

My favorite and least favorite topics

My favorite topic was the conspiracies of the moon. This has been one thing that has always interested me and I enjoyed learning the science behind the moon landing and why it was or wasn't faked. I disliked the math because the numbers were so large it was very difficult to comprehend such large numbers.

Topics I wished we covered more

I wish we learned more about other solars systems and the future of space more. I enjoyed seeing what NASA might do in the future with advanced technology.

Things I would talk about

I would probably tell people what the constellations are and also the history of space. I would talk about how the planets are formed and why certain things are the way they are.

I Would support the Funding of NASA

The last thing that man can explore is space and we have successfully discovered all corners of the earth and space is the last thing to explore.