Google Calendar

Self-Paced Professional Development Course

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is an online calendar option that gives you the collaborative features Google specializes in. Multiple users can contribute to the same calendar, you can find and view others' calendars (with permission) and it syncs beautifully with gMail and Google Classroom.

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

Google calendar will simply help you organize and communicate with your students and their parents. Use it along with Google Classroom to document assignment, project and event dates. Schedule parent-teacher conferences or manage volunteer schedules. Collect RSVP's and send reminders. If it can be tied to a date, Google Calendar can help make it more efficient.

Self-Paced Training

Things to Read and Watch

The following video covers most of the basic features of Google Calendar. If you're a new user, there is a lot to learn, so make sure you click PAUSE while you try things out in a new tab and continue when you're ready.

Features covered in this video:

  • User interface / different views
  • Creating events
  • Creating multiple calendars
  • Google Calendar settings

Google Calendar Tutorial 2016 - Quick Start
Share Google Calendars
Print Calendars and Events
Creating tasks and to-do lists in Google Calendar
Integrating Google Calendar and Classroom


To earn your badge and certificate, you'll need to demonstrate your ability to:
  • create a calendar
  • create a calendar event in a specific calendar
  • share the calendar with a colleague

Other things that would be really good to try...

  • Turning calendar visibility on and off
  • Share an event with specific people
  • Manage the privacy of the calendar
  • See calendars others have shared with you
  • Print a calendar
  • Use "tasks"
  • Delete a calendar
  • Unsubscribe from a calendar

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