John Wilkes. Booth

"I have too great a soul to die like a criminal"

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Booth was born May 10, 1838. His parents were Mary and Junius booth. He was the ninth of ten children which only six made it to adult hood. His more famous siblings are Edwin booth and Junius booth Jr. The photo on the right is of Junius booth johns father.

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Relationship status

Booth was engaged to Lucy hale the daughter of the senator john Parker hale. Her father hoped to unite his daughter with Lincolns son Robert Todd Lincoln. The photo is of Lucy Hale.

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Views on slavery

Booth was a strong supporter of slavery. At the beginning of the civil war he joined a militia for a brief period of time to protect the hanging of the abolitionist john brown from people trying to stop the hanging.


Booth was a roman catholic seeing that he attended the church on at least two occasions.

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Acting career

His acting career was very successful as he was on the most well known actors of the time in . In some cases he is called the most handsomest man in america.

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Fellow conspirators

The assassination

Lincoln was in the ford theatre sitting in a box seat watching a play.Booth snuck right behind Lincoln and shot him in the back of the head. Then booth jumped onto the stage and sprinted to the back entrance then escaped on horseback.

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Booth followed his father and brothers into the acting career. When civil war started made many plans to kidnap Lincoln but they were unsuccessful. And finally planning to kill Lincoln. The photo is of Booth and his two brothers.

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6 involvements in the civil war

1.Very famous actor when the civil war broke out.

2. preformed for Lincoln in the ford theater before he assassinated him.

3. Witnessed the hanging of the abolitionist john brown.

4 Made many plans to kidnap Lincoln and use him in war efforts.

5.Assassinated Lincoln in ford theater, Lincoln died the next day.

6. Was part of one of the most famous manhunts in history.


Booth died April 26, 1865 .After killing Lincoln Booth took refuge in the garret farm where he was burned out of the barn by the union and then he was killed when he was shot in the neck.

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Current address

Booths body lays in a cemetery in Baltimore. The body was finally returned to the booth family after it was buried in a prison for 3 years. It took about 4 years for his family to receive his body.