Second Grade News You Can Use

February 1-5, 2016

A Note From Mrs, Graham

I am always impressed with the generous spirit this class of students displays. This week we received a letter from the Timothy Hill Ranch thanking us for the $50.00 worth of change collected before Christmas to help provide some underprivileged children with gifts and food they would not have had otherwise. It is so important for us parents to help our children see beyond themselves and to give generously when they are touched to do so.

I hope you found the writing project we did on the 100th day in your child's folder on Friday. The assignment was to write 3-5 sentences about how they would spend $100. My favorite ideas came from Nathanael who would build a school like NCS, Addison who would adopt a child, and Braden who spent every dollar on others including his family. Some of the writing showed great imagination, as well. Finn would open a pizzeria with anamatronics that acted one way during the day and the opposite way at night. It was quite the contrast between good and evil and light and darkness which we have been talking about in Bible.

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They looked like I felt on Friday

I took a normal picture of them on the 100th Day. However, this one embodies our mood on Friday. The struggle is real, folks.


The Long e Sound for y

New List Words: happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city

Words we need to learn to spell for our writing to improve: would, house, dollars

I have started keeping a list of frequently misspelled words in our writing. I will add three words to our list each week taken from our writing assignments.

Challenge Words: sorry, noisy


New Story: My Name is Gabriela (Biography) and Poems About Reading and Writing (Poetry)

Essential Question: Why are reading and writing important?

High Frequency Words: always, anything, been, draw, friends, mother, soon, under, watch, words

New Vocabulary Words: accepted, express, taught, grand, pretend, prize, wonder, fluttering

Vocabulary Strategies: Suffixes -y and -ful

Phonics Skill: Changing y to i

Fluency Focus: Expression (As your child reads the fluency sheet to you this week, work on expressive reading rather than speed.)

Grammar: The Verb Be

Comprehension Skill: Understanding Characters and Author's Word Choice

Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Writitng: Descriptive Paragraph


We will be covering lessons 5.9 Problem Solving with Subtraction, 5.10 Writing Equations to Represent Subtraction, and 5.11 Solving Multi-step Problems. Then we will Review for the Chapter 5 Test and take it on Friday.


We did not work on our Continents and Oceans game much last week due to other obligations. We will continue to work on learning those with our life-sized, interactive, game.

Studies Weekly Lesson15 Objectives: The students will learn to identify the continents, oceans, equator, prime meridian, and North and South Poles. They will also learn about using good judgement to be a responsible citizen.

Studies Weekly Lesson 16 Objectives: Student will learn about people who have made important contributions to our country's history. They will also learn about individuals, events and document that represent the U.S.


Studies Weekly Lesson 9 Objectives: Students will expand their knowledge of the basic needs of all living things and how they meet those needs. They will learn that living things of all kinds have structures that serve various functions.

Lesson 10 Objectives: Students will understand that many different kinds of plants live in different environments on Earth. They will identify various plant structures and the functions they perform. They will also explore the life cycles of plants.


February 5: Hibernation Day (If we earn it) Father Daughter Dance that evening

February 8: Permission slip and $6.00 due to for Meadow's and Wendy's

February 11: Meadow's and Wendy's for lunch

February 12: Students No School-Parent Conference Day in the morning. Look for sign up email this week.

February 15: President's Day-No School

February 17: Re-enrollment Deadline


Lesson: The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

Theme: Jesus wants us to show love and mercy toward others

Memory Verse: Matthew 5: 7-8


We have learned all the clock climber letters and now we are working on on the kite string letters. As of today, we have learned 11 letters in the lower case cursive alphabet. Look for the practice sheets each day in the take home folder. Have your child teach you the correct way to form these letters as a fun review.