The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was born June 12th, 1929 in Frankfort, Germany. Later they moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She was a German-born diarist and writer. Anne and her family went into hiding in 1942 because the Nazis began to kill Jews more and more. They stayed in tge same hiding place for two years and then were caught in 1944. Anne and her sister Margot Frank were transported tothe Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She died along with Margot Frank right before the camp was liberated.
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Alway Keep A Positive Attitude

This theme has reoccured several times in The Diary of Anne Frank. There were many times that their positivity was put on trial. Anne's positivity was put on trial right before they went into hiding, but she kept positive. On page 376 Anne said, "I slept, Father. Wasn't that funny? I knew it was my last time in my bed, and yet I slept soundly." Anne was able to fight through the negative in her rough life and believe that she will later have a normal life. On page 388 Anne said, "I'm going to be a famous dancer or singer... or something wonderful."

Perserverence Is The Key To Life

This theme reoccured in the story several times. On page 379 Mr. Frank says, "It'll be hard, i know. But always remember Anneke. There are no walls, there are no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind." Mr. Frank gave Anne a reason to perservere through all of their trials. Another example is when the allowed Mr. Dussel to live with them even though they had very little space. On page 390 Mr. Frank says, "Of course we will... Bring him up." to Mr. Kraler
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I chose the character Anne Frank. I believe that Anne's symbol is an open book because she loves to read and write. In the play there are many times that it has Anne writing in her diary. Another example is that she is always asking Miep to bring her good book for the closest library.