Dance show

Deka dance show by Bat Sheva dance company

Tickets for decka dance show by Bat Sheva dance company

My friends and I from the dance class went to see this dance show. This picture was taken on the day of the show just before we entered the auditorium.

In this picture you can see our tickets.

We were very excited because "Bat Sheva dance company" is one of the best dance companies at modern dance in the world.

We took this picture to remember this show and to upload it to instagram.

why I chose this picture ?

I chose this picture because I enjoyed watching this show and it inspired me to be more creative in my dancing.

Second, I saw things that I never thought can be done in dancing and I loved them.

In addition, last summer I was at the summer course at the "Bat Sheva dance company" and I really enjoyed being there. I thought that this year I won't want to go again, but after watching this show I want this summer to go back.

last, I loved the show and so did my friends and I recommend watching it.