How You Can Decorate Your Home Effectively Along With Wallpaper Panels

Feature single wallpapered wall space are in route out what exactly do you utilize if you wish to wallpaper however don't wish to cover the whole room? This is a fun, affordable, contemporary approach to updating your own decor plan. Panel items are solitary strips associated with wallpaper borders generally 52 cm broad and 280 cm or even 380 cm lengthy. They are made with just one design for each panel item so may be used on their very own or matched with others to produce your personal wall tale.

1. A single wallpaper panel can break up a long corridor or can create an eye catching statement at the end of the hallway.

2. Place a wallpaper piece horizontally as a a frieze on the wall behind your bed.

3. Place one in each alcove either side of the fireplace.

4. Use a single panel to balance a room with asymmetrical balance, for example, if there is a wardrobe to the left of the wall, place the panel piece to the right of the wall.

5. Create a feature wall with multiple coordinated wallpapers.

6. Use them in multiples to define a space e.g. the dining room area in an open plan living area

7. Use 3 or 4 wallpaper panels together to create a decorative floor to ceiling headboard in your bedroom.

8. These new and very fashionable wallpapers are very popular in Japanese micro homes, a single panel piece can create a striking, yet not overwhelming statement in the smallest of houses or apartments so if you Love wallpaper, these are perfect.

These are individual wallpapers which each tell their own story, yet are designed to co-ordinate with others in the collections and yet can create a truly original and individual wall story.

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