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End of Year Needs & Flyers

Orange, Pink, and Green Flyers

I know it is difficult to keep track of all the colorful flyers the students bring home, so here is a synopsis.

End of Year Activities/Needs

  • Last Monday, a light orange paper went home in Monday folders about family donations for Lake Monacan and Moving Up Day. Please refer to this paper for more information. If you need a new copy just email me and I will send one home with your child.
  • Last Monday, a hot pink paper went home about our end of year T-shirt tie dye project. All students need to send in a white (or light colored) t-shirt to be tie dyed. Please write your child's name in the tag/collar of the shirt with a permanent marker. All T-shirts must be turned in by May 20th. If your child is unable to provide a shirt please let me know and I will reach out for additional donations. Likewise, if you purchase a multi-pack and would like to donate some of the extra shirts that would also be appreciated.
  • On Monday a green paper will go home from Mrs. Greenwood that describes an end of year rotation she will be doing with all classes. It will involve food, but she will not be using products that contact nuts (peanuts and/or tree nuts) or gluten. She has requested that if your child has an allergy other that those listed to please let her know.