Ways to Structure Your Lessons

There are 5 ways to structure your instruction.

Math Menus

Why Menus?

Math menus is an authentic way for students to learn things.

  • Each choice should include critical thinking and problem solving.

Things to Consider when making menus.

  • How much prior knowledge should learners have before they begin the menu?
  • How much information is available for the learners to access on their own?
  • How independent are the learners?

How to use menus.

· Enrichment and supplemental experiences – Learners usually do not have a lot of background knowledge and information about the topic may not be readily available to all learners. The educator will then progress through the curricular materials at the normal rate, giving opportunities for the learners to work on their menu choice.

· Compacting solution – Educators use the menu to give an alternative option to replace certain experiences for those learners who have mastered their grade’s level of understanding.

· Standard experiences – Educators replace certain curriculum experiences with those in the menu. The educator decides which topics should be covered through direct instruction and which topics could be covered through a product in a menu.

· Mini-Experience – The educator designs a short 10-15 minutes of direct instruction. The menu provides an opportunity for the learners to use a product to show their understanding of the concept.

Link to examples of menus


Math Stations

This was a great video on why we should do math stations. I highly recommend that you watch this short 4 minute video, it gave me great clarity on math stations. Three key takeaways from the video.

1)It can be differentiated and involve critical thinking.

2)Learners need to have a way to record their answers so you as the teacher can check for understanding.

3)It allows learners to practice skills in their zone of proximal developments.



  • Ports are place where learners go for learning experiences.
  • Ports allow for differentiation.
  • Ports can be integrated with digital learning.


I LOVE the idea of workshops. I know the article is long, but I highly recommend reading the whole article.