Infrared Waves

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Who discovered infrared and what year?

William Herschel is the founder of infrared wave. He found infrared On 11 February 1800, Herschel was testing filters for the sun so he could observe sun spots. When using a red filter he found there was a lot of heat produced. Herschel discovered infrared radintion in sunlight by passing it through a prism and holding a thermometer just beyond the red end of the visible spectrum. This thermometer was meant to be a control to measure the ambient air temperature in the room. He was shocked when it showed a higher temperature than the visible spectrum. Further experimentation led to Herschel's conclusion that there must be an invisible form of light beyond the visible spectrum.William was born 15 November 1738 he died 25 August 1822

What is the upper and lower frequency bound of infrared waves?


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How big is infrared?

The wavelength of infrared is about the size of a pin head.

What are ways we use infrared?

These shorter wavelengths are the ones used by your TV's remote control. Infrared lamps heat lamps often emit both visible and infrared energy at wavelengths between 500nm to 3000nm in length. They can be used to heat bathrooms or keep food warm. Heat lamps can also keep small animals and reptiles warm or even to keep eggs warm so they can hatch.
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