Tori Meshi

A place where we only care about your protection and safety


It doesnt matter who you are or what you like, everyone is welcome to Tori Meshi ! Here in the country, Tori Meshi we have a Free Enterprise economy, which means our government protects for consumers and businesses and protect safety regulations. Come to Tori Meshi and feel safe to let your children out and explore, keep your doors open, have your place or car unlocked. There will be no crime once so ever ! For business we organize goods and services, let individuals create things, and build for profit. Most of the choices are up to you ! Decide where to live, decide what goods to buy, decide what to do.


In Tori Meshi, you get as much money as your job offers , given the freedom to roam wherever, you can be safe in your house and know your children will be perfectly fine when they get sent outside to play . Don't you want that freedom? Free is the way to be .