Beat the Band

An epic tale about high school life; by Don Calame

Plot Summary

Cooper Redmond is assigned partners with Helen Harriwick for a very important health project on contraception. Helen, a young lady who is commonly picked on, is ruining Cooper's reputation. Cooper desperately looks to find a way to bring his reputation back and eventually joins the Battle of the Bands competition with a few of his buddies.


"That's funny, Cooper. I thought you nearly fell out of your chair because you got stuck with Oscar Mayer Helen" (18).


Person vs. Person: Helen and Cooper constantly argue about the project. They both want different partners.

Person vs. Society: Helen faces bullying and teasing as well as rumors about her almost every day.


Cooper: A cocky, self-centered teenage boy. Cooper only has one thing on his mind, winning the Battle of the Bands competition to fix his reputation.

Helen: A nice, shy individual who is picked on by everyone for seemingly no reason. All Helen wants is for people to like her.

Beat the Band
Spongebob Sweet Victory Original Video

This scene from Spongebob Squarepants is a great example of a Battle of the Bands competition.