Avery Divis,1-11-16,7th

Cornell Notes


TRF are a way to organize a certain subject that you need help on. I almost will always do math because that is the subject I need help on. I like it because i get a lot of help from my peers.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking has helped me a lot because I can now speak in front of other people. I am also able to be a better captain for my soccer and volleyball team. I have Also gotten the courage to talk back to my mom, but you know how that ends.


Community Service

Community Service has helped me by being nicer and more fair to people. I have also learned how to respect people from seeing to less fortunate. It has changed me a lot.



Avid is the best thing in school. It has has helped me with not just in school but in life too. I am so thankful because I was hand pick to be in Avid.