Friday Feedback - 11/10/17

The End is Near...End of the Calendar Year That is!

Instill a Love of Learning!

One of the questions I often ask in my walk-through observations is "How often do you reference the learning target in a typical lesson? or What would a student say if asked 'Why is this lesson important to learn?' ". Ensuring students know the relevance of the lesson towards some larger overarching "Big Idea" is a crucial component to long term learning. At the bottom of this flyer is a Twitter picture from my former Superintendent Kevin Hatfield when he was in attendance at a regional AEA Superintendents meeting in Iowa City. From the Superintendents Network perspective, "The overarching purpose of school is to foster in children the desire to continue to learn about self, others, and the world" other words to love learning and be lifelong learners.

We, as professional educators, know the importance of school and education. How often do we communicate this with kids and provide them with this perspective?

The point of school starts with communication of the point to lessons (the daily learning targets) tied to big ideas. When I taught science I would tell my students that if they don't know the point or purpose of our learning for the day they better ask me to clarify; if I can't clarify the importance of the lesson I better not teach that again.

In order for us to succeed in our mission of growing kids to their full potential, we have to know the current status of each child (current reality) AND we have to know and communicate with them what success looks like. Know our educational impact so we know if our "moves" are working.

Educators & Students

must be able to answer -

Where am I going?

Where am I now?

How can I close the gap?

How will I know I'm getting there?

How can I keep it going?

Robert Marzano

Students who can identify what they are learning (and why), significantly outscore those who cannot.

-Robert J. Marzano

What's Coming Up?

Monday 11/13 - No School PD Day (See the agenda for more details)

Tuesday 11/14 - MS Girls Bball @ home

Wednesday 11/15 - Assembly during 6th hour for Musical unveiling

Thursday 11/16 - MS G/B Bball

Friday 11/17 - DCMS PTO Trivia Night - 8 pm @ The Legion Hall

Down the road...

Tuesday 11/21 - Locker Clean Out 6th hour

Wednesday 11/22-Friday 11/24 - No School Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday 12/5 - MS Christmas Concert

Research Based Strategies

5 Research-based strategies that significantly improve student learning:

1. Sharing criteria (clear learning targets with success criteria and rubrics)

2. Questioning Strategies (Critical Thinking/Though Provoking Questions)

3. Feedback

4. Peer assessment

5. Self-assessment

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