animals in a rainforest

by aden


baboons are found in Africa and Arabia belonging to tropical rainforests.Baboons have a realy bad temper and if you messed with one of these you would be attacked.


Leopards are part of the cat family and can hunt animals down and kill them in at least one bite,when hunting at night and often drag their food up trees for safe keeping.


The turtle is a well known animal by its slowness.turtles are endanger to the enviroment and most turtles are better of in aqueriams for the sake of there survival.

wolf spiders

You won’t be able to venture far into a rainforest without catching the eyes of some rainforest spiders. I'm talking about the wolf spider,the wolf spider can kill its prey within one bite and the animal has one day to live before the venom flows the blood system and kills the animal.