Paris, France

By Amelia Potter

Why I want to visit Paris.

Here are three reasons why I want to go to Paris. My first reason is it would be fun seeing the Eiffel Tower. I would love to stand on the Eiffel Tower. My next reason is, I would like to visit a pastry shop and try a macron. A macron is a colored piece of bread and it has colored cream on the inside. I would also like to try a traditional french wedding cake. Finally I would like to go to new stores. Those are my reasons about Paris, France.


Now, I will tell you about my locations culture. First, they speak a different language called “French.” I know how to speak some french, but I always speak english. They have lots of art, history, and stories about the artists. I would like to hear about Pablo Picasso. They have lots of traditional musicals. Especially when it’s a holiday. My family puts on plays when it’s a holiday. That is Paris, France’s culture.

Interesting Facts

Boom Wham Pow, did you know there are so many cool facts that I learned about Paris. Did you know that pie is the most famous food in Paris. My grandma pie’s are famous in my family,especially her oatmeal cream pies. In Paris you have to respect your siblings like your mom and dad. I have to respect my sisters and brothers like my parents. There are 20,000 light bulbs in the Eiffel Tower. Those are my 3 interesting facts about Paris, France.