Help Leave a Lasting Legacy!

Hello Parents,

We have been truly blessed getting to know you and your children and are excited about the upcoming year. You may have read in the newsletter we are holding an annual school fundraiser. This will help cover expenses not included in the school budget such as facility improvements or special activities. This year, we will focus on purchasing and installing new outdoor playground equipment. One area of feedback we heard most often during open house was the desire for an outdoor dedicated play area for the kids. While Clackamas Valley Baptist Church used to have play equipment, it was not in great condition and was removed prior to hosting Faithful Foundations Preschool. We are committed to providing a new, fun way for your kids to interact at school and having your children benefit from any fundraiser they participate in, which is why we are starting the fundraiser early in the year. Please look through the details below, and if you have questions let me know. Thank You for your support. Without you, this would not be successful. Also a big shout out to Clackamas Valley Baptist, Yo-Treats, and Whippersnappers, and KLM Construction who have generously donated resources to make our fundraiser successful.


Here's the "Deets"

Dates & Details:

Sell Coffee between: 9/19 - 10/7

All forms/cash are due 10/7 by 12pm for submission

Q. What are we selling?

A. Mt. Hood Roasters 12 oz bags of coffee

Q. Price of a bag of coffee?

A. $14.00 per 12oz bag

Q. What is the goal?

A. The goal is for each student to sell 10-15 bags of coffee

Q. What if people don’t drink coffee?

A. We can accept a direct donations at:

Faithful Foundations Preschool, LLC

PO BOX 1503

Estacada, OR 97023


People can purchase bags of coffee to have donated to Estacada Community Outreach for their monthly community breakfast. If they order online, there is an option for donation. If they order from you directly, please indicate the donated item by placing a "D" next to the sale.

Q. Can someone pay with a credit card?

A. Yes, visit www.faithfulfoundationspreschool.com/fundraiser for the online order form. (Online orders have a 3.5% payment processing fee)

Prizes and Incentives

Prizes are compounded, which means a child has the ability to earn all the prize levels up to 15 bags of coffee sold. If a student is credited with 15 bags of coffee sold, they will earn all the prizes up to the Whippersnappers 2-hour session. Third and second place top sellers do not require a minimum number of bags sold to earn the prize. The grand prize of Great Wolf Lodge gift card must sell a minimum of 25 bags in order to qualify.

1 bag of coffee sold:
Slap Bracelet

2 bags of coffee sold: Mochi Squishy

3 bags of coffee sold: Unicorn Sucker

4 bags of coffee sold: Slime

5 bags of coffee sold: "Boo Book" (5 free Jr. Frosty's @ Wendy's)

6 bags of coffee sold: Pop-it keychain

8 bags of coffee sold: Nerds Candy Rope

10 bags of coffee sold: $5 Yo-Treats Gift Card (Thank You Yo Treats!)

15 bags of coffee sold: 2-Hour session at Whippersnappers (Thank You Whippersnappers!)

Top Selling Class: Ice Cream party at school!

Third Place Top Seller: $25.00 Gift Card to Build-A-Bear

Second Place Top Seller: $50.00 Yo-Treats Gift Card

Grand Prize Top Seller: $200.00 Gift Card to Great Wolf Lodge (must sell 25 bags to qualify)

Buying Coffee is Great for...

  • Home (Freezes well)
  • Gifts
  • Gift Baskets
  • Companies
  • Company break rooms
  • neighbors
  • donations (We will donate a bag to Estacada Community Outreach)
  • churches
  • and so much more
Online Order Form

You can ask your family, friends, co-workers, and businesses to support your child by ordering online at the above link. Make sure to let them know your child's name so they can be credited with the order.

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