Acient Greek

Who was Socrates

Socrates was a fomous acient greek philosopher that didnt seem to write much since theirs no records from him . it also seems thats any discoveries he made were not written down . what other people gather from others written about him is that he felt knowledge was a living thing
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About Him

Socrates was born in Atheins in 469 BC . Socrates was not from a rich family . hes father was a stone carver and Socrates also worked in stone especially as a not verry good sculptur . But When Socrates was on his Forties , he began too feel an urge to think about the world around him . And he tried to answer some difficult questions . He asked " what is wisdom ? " and " what is beauty ?" and " what is the right thing to do ?" he knew these questions were hard to answer and he knew thought it woud be better to have allot of people discuss the answer together ,and maybe come up with new ideas , after he starded to wonder that he starded to ask people from Athens
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What happpend with him ?

Socrates soon had a group of young men who listed to him how to think . Plato was one of these young men , Socrates never charged them . but in 399 BC some of the Athenians got mad at Socrates for was he was teaching the young men , they charged him and sent him to court with impiety and corrupting the youth basically teaching the young men bad things , people thought he was against democracy and he was , he thought that the smartest should make the decisions for everyone , after everything happened Socrates had a trial in front of an Athenian jury He was convicted of these charges scented to death and he died soon afterwards when the guards gave him a cup of hemlock a poison plant to drink and he died of poison

what happend after his death ?

After his dead evrything changed socrates never wrote down any ideas while he was alive but after his death his student plato did wrote down some ideas
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