Roger 'Religious Freedom' Williams

By: Patrick Green

Review Quotes

"This book is about an individual whose radical religious freedom ideas are asinine and poison. It's deplorable that this book found a publisher, because it's all lies!" - John Winthrop

"In a day and age when open-mindedness ceased to exist, Roger Williams went against the grain, and fought for religious freedoms. This book sheds light on a true pioneer." - William Bradford

"Wow. Williams' ideology is parallel to my own, and depicts the fallacy of close-minded individuals. Five stars. - Anne Hutchinson

"Witnessing religious inequality first-hand, I sympathize with the intolerance of religious liberties. Thankfully, Roger Williams stood up for them." - Thomas Hooker

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Honors Component: Book Review

The autobiography "Roger 'Religious Freedom' Williams is an exceptional story about a man who stood up for religious freedoms in a period of time when people who defied standard thinking were often executed. This book is intended for all history buffs out there, and people who are fortunate enough to practice their religion freely today in the U.S. Without Williams, it's possible the amount of freedom of religion we have today would've ceased to exist. This book focuses on the urgent need for people to stand up against dictators who oppress all who hold different beliefs. It references how, if not, the "New World" would have minimal chance to succeed. Overall, this book was very persuasive and gave logical reasons to stand up to unjust traditional thinking. I encourage everybody to pick up a copy of this book, and truly try to comprehend Williams' bravery. Also, think about how important he is to the freedoms we enjoy today, because, again, without him, it's questionable if religious freedom, to this extent, would exist in our world, today.