Golden Lion Tamarin

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About the Golden Lion Tamarin

  • Kingdom- Animalia, Phylum- Chordata, Class- Mammalia, Order- Primate, Family- Callitrichidae, Genus- Leontopithecus, Species- Rosalia
  • Golden Lion Tamarins are closely related to monkeys
  • Golden Lion Tamarins inhabit the Atlantic coastal forest of Brazil, they like humid, swampy regions filled with fruit and insects, they sleep in tree holes
  • Omnivorous- eat fruit, vegetables, insects, bird's eggs, small invertebrates and reptiles (ex- apples, bananas, crickets, mealworms, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes)
  • They keep to one partner and usually twins are born; they live in groups called troops and is led by the breeding male and female
  • Golden Lion Tamarins can run up to 24 mph and can jump up to 15 feet or known as a space in-between two trees

Extra Information

  • There is about a population of 1,000 Golden Lion Tamarins left along southeastern Brazil with over 400 being captive in zoos- action is being taken by replenishing the forests they live and the nature surrounding it
  • Golden Lion Tamarins are less than a foot long about 10.3 inches and weigh 1.37 pounds just under two pounds
  • About 40% of Golden Lion Tamarins will die before their first birthday
  • The longest living Golden Lion Tamarin lived to age 31
  • In order to protect themselves from predators all Golden Lion Tamarins typically live together or very close together
  • Biggest predators are snakes, wild cats, and rats who are able to reach the Golden Lion Tamarins in their resting places