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Sept. 25, 2015


I have enjoyed being in classrooms so much the past two weeks! I have witnessed so many wonderful, thought-out lessons, tremendous student engagement, and fantastic discussion and interactions during guided reading!!! I am so proud of seeing established routines and procedures so that maximal learning time can occur! I love to see such wonderful practices in action!

Looking Ahead!

Sept. 28 Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:15- IEP (I.G.) Goodin, Werdehausen, Rost

10:20- 4th Grade Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

1:10- Second Grade Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

2:40- IEP (L.S.) Rost, Werdehausen, ____

6:00- Skyhawk Football-Kremer Field

Sept. 29 Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:15 TST (H.S.) Dutcher, Cremin, Luetkemeyer, Rost and team

8:20- Stephanie Sappenfield meetins with Mary Jo and Ashley in Ashley's room

12:30- Kindergarten Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

2:00- First Grade Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

5:45- Skyhawk Softball- Cosmo Field

Sept. 30 Walking Day K, 1, 5

9:30- Star Student Assembly

October 1- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

9:30- 11:20 Third Grade Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

9:45-11:30- Fifth Grade Data Team Meeting (Extended Time)

3:00- Kathy Erny meets with Dutcher, Colozza, Goans, Rost, Werdehausen- office

October 2- Walking Day K, 1, 5 - TEACH LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!! AARRRRGGGGG!!!

8:10 IEP (A.M.) Kleene, Rost, Colozza, Werdehausen

9:20- Lorie meets with CO about playground options

10:30- Tentative parent meeting (L.D.)- Goodin and Rost

2:10- IEP (L.W. and D.W.) Werdehausen and team

October 5- Walking Day- 2, 3, 4

8:10- RED- (S.M.) Rost, Dickey, Werdehausen, Ciolli, McDowell, Colozza

6:00- Skyhawk Football- Williams Field

October 6- Walking Day K, 1, 5

4:15- PBS Tier 2 Meeting- Jessica's Room - NOTE DATE CHANGE

5:45- Skyhawk Softball- Cosmo Field

6:45- Skyhawk Softball- Kutscher Field

October 7- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

9:00-11:00 Lorie attends Administrative Council

1:40- Intruder Drill- Please review procedures ahead of time

October 8- Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:00- 11:00 -Lorie attends Elementary Principals' Meeting

4:15- Leah Goodin's baby shower


8:30-11:30- PLC work with Michael Auer

11:30-1:00- Lunch

1:00-4:15- PLC, MAP Data, Vertical Team Discussion

Literacy- Units of Study Presentation

Grades K-1, Thursday, October 15

Grades 2-3, Monday, October 19

Grades 4-5, Monday, November 2

Location: Dix Education Center, 4:15-5:15

The purpose of these sessions is to look at the revision work completed over the summer to enhance the reading and writing Units of Study. Presenters will highlight the revisions that were made for each grade level and showcase the available resources for Unit 1. They will also walk you through the digital organization of the documents on Google Drive and explain the plans for posting the remaining Units of Study. This Drive folder is a place to collaborate with your grade level team across the district by providing an easy way to share resources with each other for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, classroom management, and more. Time will be provided for you to talk as a grade level team about how your grade level would like to use your Drive folder for ongoing collaboration. Please join us to learn more about the collaborative grade level Drive folder and all the available resources for supporting literacy instruction in your classroom.

Please make plans to be in attendance!! Sign up on My Learning Plan.

Posting Grades and Assignments

Please see Casey if you need help entering grades and assignments into IC. Remember that this is a live feed, and we have several families signed up to view the online portal. Grades should be updated every week.

Professional Learning Communities- Check It Out!!!!

About Professional Learning Communities

Data Team Meetings Are This Week!!

I can't wait to watch the extended data team meetings this week! This is such a powerful time to collaborate about data, strategies, teaching practices, and students' strengths and weaknesses! Please watch the video above. It perfectly aligns with what our Cedar Hill PLC is all about! I am so proud of all of you and how willing you are to work together to ensure high levels of learning for all of our students!

Don't forget.... Super Hero Day is October 23rd!!!! What 'super' power will you possess this year?

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We Will Do Whatever It Takes

"In a positive school culture.... All staff members accept responsibility for all students, for students in other classrooms, students in other grade levels, students with disabilities, students who speak another language at home. The status quo is never accepted—as expectations for students are appropriately raised, schools recognize continuous improvement as the habit of great organizations. When areas for improvement are identified, change is accepted as an opportunity and all variables are considered— we’ll do whatever it takes. Schools view adult behaviors as having the most effective and significant influence on student learning and behaviors." -Chris Weber

Cedar Hill Contact Information

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