European Country Discovery Project

By: Zara Fields

1) country:

The name of the country?


The capital of the country?


the flag from that country and the meaning behind the flag?

3 horizontal bands maroon (top) white (half-with)older banners in the world! Latvian trips

over about 1280.

2) Geography-the location is in Europe

3)government-what type of government does the country have?

monarch rules without any laws.

4) Economy-whats their main import or export?

Latvia is the 83rd largest export in the world so the Latvia $13.1 and import $16.9.

5) culture- the major languages? Latvian

religions-Lutheran 19.6% christen 1%

food-pork and potatos

6) climate- general weather

maritime;wet, winters

8) compare and contrast

choose 2 aspects of your country's culture

the mainly weather is 30* c or more and its culture aspects our united states is the infuences of the country's varied history.

9) the web sites that i use is Central Intelligence Agency.