Career Comparison

Teacher and Petroleum engineering

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Education & Training


In order to become a teacher you need to have a minimum education training of a bachelor's degree from a university/college

Petroleum engineer: Petroleum Engineers must earn a bachelor's degree to be able to work.

Job Skills, Talents & Experience


Some good personal traits for this job are being able to handle frustration, finding solution to problems quickly, being patience, and being well with kids. Some of the kids parents will not be very cooperative and it takes a lot of patience and self control to remain calm.

Petroleum Engineer:

reading comprehension and active listening are needed to fully understand the person your talking to and understand what needs to be known .speaking writing you need to be able to let people understand what your trying to tell them.critical thinking, complex problem solving



Teachers do not earn much, the average in Austin tops at 59k yearly, and $700 dollars weekly. For a starting teacher it is only about $600.

Petroleum Engineer:

The job has a big income. The average income yearly for this job is around $138,980. the starting salary is around $93,500. The maximum expected income for this career will be around



The employment growth for a teacher is expected to be %6 from 2014 to 2024.

Petroleum Engineer:

The employment growth for this career is estimated to be 10% from 2014 to 2024. the number of jobs available for this career is roughly around 35,500.

Typical Day

Describe a typical day:


What are the usual hours? A typical day for this career is working around 53 hours a week. you can enjoy the things you do like helping students accomplish their goals. You have to plan lessons for your students that not only teach them what they need to know but have them have fun with it. You have to find ways to make the kids want to learn. You also have to take care of every kid and make that they are and feel safe.

What is the most challenging? Taking care of every kid that comes into your class and insuring they get all the help they need to pass their class. Staying late hours to grade papers and tutor kids in stuff they might need extra help in can also be a difficult task. Helping a student learn and grow is an important task, and not an easy one.

Petroleum Engineer:

A petroleum engineer works long hours just like teacher do. typically around 50 to 60 hours a week. you have to be able to solve problems if designing something in a certain area. you have to be able to have a solution to something if things are going wrong. You also have to be smart and manage your budget. this job will have you work with math and science a lot so it would be best to take this job only if you are good on these subjects.

Additional Info


benefits, downfalls, etc.

free health care

feel that they changed a kids life

long vacations

a lot of chances to socialize

Petroleum Engineer: