Japanese 1 - The Final Week!

あけましておめでとうございます!- Happy New Year!

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Recovery Week & Coaching!

THIS WEEK, January 4th through 8th is a "Recovery Week."

This means that no new assignments will be due.

The only assignment that is due is the Final Exam.

I am still accepting late work - that means if you submit any assignments this week they will be graded with points taken off for lateness.

Final projects are past due and if submitted will be graded at half credit.

Coaching during the Recovery Week will count as make-ups (for those who are missing sessions) and bonus (for those who have attended all of their sessions). You are still required to attend.

Final Exam

The final exam is NOW open and ready for you to take.

It will close automatically at 11:59 PM (the end of the day) on January 7th.

The final exam is a one-part cumulative exam. It will cover everything you have learned in this class.

You must be able to type in Japanese on the final exam.

You will also need speakers or headphones, and a computer running the most updated version of quicktime. This is for listening questions.

If your exam freezes or you can not get back into it, you must have a teacher from your school verify this and then the teacher must contact me at 412-543-8917 in order to have it re-set (This cannot be done by you or a parent, I am sorry). You will lose any work you have done on the exam.

Install and Update Quicktime for your Final Exam

If you do not have quicktime installed (or updated) on your computer, the listening questions on the final exam will not work.

To download and install quicktime, or update your current version, follow this link:


Quicktime is listed as a requirement in the NCVPS Course Description for Japanese 1:


Do NOT use Google chrome!

Don't use Google Chrome to take your Final Exam. Blackboard and Google Chrome don't get along very well.

Switch to or update your Firefox:


Or update to the most recent version of Internet Explorer:


P.S.: I recommend Firefox!

How Your Grade is Calculated

  • 1st Grading Period: 37.5% of overall grade
    • First Grading Period includes your Mid-Term Exam!

  • 2nd Grading Period: 37.5% of overall grade
    • 2nd Grading period includes your EOC projects!

  • Final Exam: 25% of overall grade (NCVPS does not have any Exam Exemptions or Waivers)

Academic Integrity

You are NOT permitted to use your notes or any aides (such as a web translator like Google translate) during any part of your final exam.

This is in violation of the NCVPS Academic Integrity Guidelines (link).

If you are caught using a web translator (which is extremely easy for me to tell if you have, just BTW) you will receive a zero for your exam or EOC project grade and your school will be contacted.

If you are missing work from lessons 8 through 13, it is due by 11:59 PM (Midnight) on Friday, January 8th. Because all work is now past due, points will be taken off for lateness.

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しあわせ いっぱい いちねんで ありますように

Much happiness to you this year!