Bryan Collier, a great illustrator

This author has illustrated many books and won many awards.

Every great illustrator needs an end and every end needs a beginning.

Bryan Collier was born on January 31, 1967, in Salisburg, Maryland. He was the youngest of his six siblings. His mother woked for a Head Start program and sometimes brought back books or games. One day she brought back a book called Harold and the Purple Crayon. It wasn't until he was five and moved to his grandmother's house. She was a very artistic person. Eventually he was inspired to do art. At school he wandered into the school's art room and started to paint when he was fifteen.

He was awarded with a scholarship.

In the year of 1985, Collier won a congressional competition in Washington D.C. Then he was awarded a scholarship to Pratt Institute in New York City, through their national talent search compitition. Then he also graduated with honors. He also started working in Harlem when he accidentally stepped off the train at the wrong spot. Collier worked in the Harlem Hospital Center Art Studio and became an art director of a program called Unity Through Murals. It was for the self-taught artists in Harlem.

Bryan Collier Finally Published A Book With His Illustrations!

He met Laura Godwin.

Bryan Collier had an appointment with Laura Godwin. Collier showed some of his illustrations to Godwin and started to give some ideas to him. The studio and the mural project was an inspiration to him. After five years, Collier finally illustrated a book called Uptown. The illustrations were inspired by Harlem and also gave a picture of the Harlem world. The book was awarded with a Coretta King Award for Illustrating, the Ezra Jack Keats Award for New Illustrator in 2001, Parenting Reading Magic Award, and the Marion Vannet Rigway Award. He illustrated Uptown, Martin's Big Words, Freedom River, Visiting Langston and much more.


The Ending

Bryan Collier was a successful man with a very inspiring beginning. But as I said in the beginning, every man needs a beginning and every beginning needs an end, and Collier has not met an end yet.