Saturn: The BEST place to be

By: Dulce Martell

Why you should go

Have you ever thought about going somewhere different other than on Earth? Well I personally invite you to go to Saturn. It is a unique planet and I know you would like it there it a very large planet because it is about 9.5 times bigger than Earth!!

Why Saturn is FUN

Saturn has 60 moons. It is the second largest planet, also it has a diameter of 75,098 miles. Saturn is 886 million miles from the Sun. It takes Saturn 29 and a half to orbit the Sun. Plus Saturn is very beautiful planet to see.

How to get to Saturn

Well it really depends on where Saturn is because of its orbit around the Sun. It also depends on the spacecraft and which path is chosen. So your on Earth than you go to Mars and then you go to Jupiter, after Jupiter you should see Saturn since it is the second largest planet. It is only 746 million miles away.

How many moons doe Saturn really have?

Saturn has 60 moons but only 52 of them are official. Some of the unofficial moons are small that you can barely see. The space station are discovering moons but they are way too small to be seen. Saturn's largest inner moon is Mimas. Saturn's closest moon is Pan. Lapetus is the farthest moon of Saturn (3.56 million km).