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Where Excellence is the Standard - Week of March 7, 2022


Dear Lions Community

Many parents responded to my latest message regarding cell phones. Many parents have been supportive with our decision. Some parents had some additional questions. I hope the message below will prove clarity.

As stated in previous communication, our expectation for all students is to be in class and actively participate. There has been questions about cell phones being used to film students or individuals.

  • While filming and recording students can assist parents in providing evidence when issues occur, it also creates other issues, which is why it is a disciplinary offense in our secondary school handbook to misuse an electronic device to video record offenses.
  • Randle High School has cameras available throughout the building to support any issue that occurs.

There have been questions related to having their cell phones out during the passing periods.

  • Utilizing phones during the short passing period creates many other issues. Many students have headphones and Airpods in their ears during this transition time and do not always hear adults when we are attempting to get their attention or speak to them.
  • Students are also not attentive to time elapsing and take their time removing headphones and Airpods, once at class. This also promotes students not being ready to learn upon entering their classrooms or even trying to conceal earbuds and not remove them while the teacher is instructing.

I truly understand the reason for cell phones and why students have them. I do not believe they were bought for students to take pictures pf themselves and others in the restroom. They were not bought to post hateful messages of others students and post them on social media. I believe they can be, if used correctly, a learning tool and a resource.

It is important to note many of our teachers already take up all cell phones at the beginning of class. We are hoping this policy change will create a more consistent practice across the campus for all teachers and less confusion for students.

Again, we are allowing students to utilize their phones at the beginning of the school day (prior to 8:15 AM), during lunch, and after school (3:40 PM), which are all non-instructional times of the day. Also know that teachers can allow students the opportunity to be on their phones during the class period.

Randle Events for the week of March 7 - March 11, 2022

Monday: March 7

  • HB 45/45 MANDATORY TUTORIALS 4:00 - 5:30PM (Transportation Provided)

    Counselor Appreciation Week.

  • Winter Guard Rehearsal: Cafeteria

  • After School Detention: 4:00 - 5:30PM (Monitoring Staff Member - Isiah Leviege)

Tuesday: March 8

  • Baseball 4:30PM/6:30PM (Admin on Duty: Bogarty)
  • After School Detention - Isiah Leviege Monitoring Staff Member

  • Soccer Game 4:30PM (Admin on Duty: Bogarty)

  • Winter Guard Rehearsal: Cafeteria

Wednesday: March 9

  • House Build 45/45 4:00 - 5:30PM (Transportation provided)

  • After School Detention - Isiah Leviege Monitoring Staff Member

Thursday: March 10

  • After School Detention - Isiah Leviege Monitoring Staff Member

  • Winter Guard Rehearsal: Cafeteria

  • One Act Play - Rehearsal onstage until 5:00PM (Auditorium)

  • (8:15am-8:00pm) Pre-UIL Concert

  • Theatre UIL 4:30/7:00pm (Admin: Bogarty)

Friday: March 11

Saturday: March 5

  • JV black Baseball at RHS at 11:00am
  • Saturday School 8:00AM -12:00PM (Latisha Major Monitoring Staff Member)


John Montelongo


Dr. Thomas E. Randle High School

Lamar CISD

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Cell Phone Policy

We take your child’s education seriously. As we prepare for the upcoming STAAR End-of -Course exams, we wanted to place an importance on minimizing distractions. Beginning Monday, March 7, 2022, we are instituting a no cell phone policy during class.

Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school and are allowed to use them before school, during lunch, and after school. Phones should not be visible and in use between passing periods or during class, unless students are provided permission by the teacher. Cell phones have become a distraction.

For clarification, cell phones can be in the student's possession, but the phone must be put away during the instruction. If a student has their cell phone visible, without teacher/staff member permission, they will be asked to give their cell phone to the teacher/staff member. They will receive their cell phone at the end of the day from the front office. The following information will be posted in every classroom:

  • Phones must be put away at ALL TIMES during instructional time, unless there is an instructional purpose GIVEN by the teacher. If you refuse to follow this expectation, it will result in a discipline referral. (NOTE: Phones are allowable before 8:15 AM, during the student's 30-minute lunch time, and after 3:40 PM.)
  • Ignoring a teacher or staff member when they ask that to put away your cell phone will result in a discipline referral.
  • All students must have their planner hall pass signed by a teacher to be out of their scheduled class. Students without a pass will receive a discipline referral.
  • Instigating, participating, or video recording any type of altercation, harassing/bullying, or any other student code of conduct offenses with your cell phone will result in a discipline referral and possible alternative school placement.

Please know that educating our Randle High School students is our number one priority, and we place a precedence on having a safe and secure school. We appreciate your support and partnership in maintaining an environment and culture where learning is the focus.

Campus Happenings

RHS Tardy Policy 2022

0-4 No Penalty Warning

5-8 Saturday Detention (Failure to attend will result in ISS). Receiving ISS will negatively affect spring exemptions.

9 - 11 ISS 3 Days (Loss of exemptions) - Administrator parent phone conference

12 or more tardies may result in out of school suspension.

We completely understand there will always be an emergency and we will work with students when they arise.

HB4545 Updated Information

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Calling All Volunteers!

Want to volunteer in the library? The library is looking for a few parents interested in supporting the library program with various tasks. You may be assisting with:

  • checking books in/out
  • shelving books
  • creating book displays
  • preparing materials for monthly programs

Email Mrs. Walton at twalton@lcisd.org to let her know you are interested.

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Be A Champion

RHS will be working with Be A Champion to provide our Lions with a meal for after school events such as HB4545 tutorials, extra curriculars, students catching the bus, regular tutorials and much more. All meals provided to our Lions are FREE. After school meals will be picked up in the cafeteria starting a 3:40-5:25pm.
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Congratulations to our Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Year

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Randle HS Game Day Parking

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Student Service Apps

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Grade Guidelines for 21-22

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AP Testing Information

Randle HS Testing AP Testing Information. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Black, elizabeth.black@lcisd.org

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Fall Tutorial Schedule 2021

If your student needs extra support in the classroom, please have your student visit their teacher during their tutorial times.
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Randle High School 2021/22 Bell Schedule

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Counselors and College and Career Information

Mrs. Black, elizabeth.black@lcisd.org - 9th grade Counselor

Mr. Yarber, willie.yarber@lcisd.org - College and Career Counselor

Mrs. White, chandra.white@lcisd.org - 10th grade Counselor