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Raymond Park Intermediate Academy

January 11, 2019

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Dear Parents,

WOW! What an EXCELLENT first week of the semester! Our students and staff members jumped right back into the school routine on Monday. Mr. Gainey and I had the opportunity to visit ALL the classrooms on Monday to talk with students, celebrate the success of the first semester, and reteach our school’s main expectations. During this week, I also had the opportunity to spend some time meeting with teachers about their students’ growth on this year’s NWEA assessments (your child will bring home their NWEA report next Friday). We have SO much to be proud of; check out some statistics below:

5th Grade Math - 60% of students met their projected growth goals!

5th Grade Reading - 56% of students met their projected growth goals!

6th Grade Math - 70% of students met their projected growth goals!

6th Grade Reading - 60% of students met their growth goals!

We are proud of how hard our students, teachers, and staff members worked the first semester!

Some of our students will be bringing home invitations to this year’s Puma Excellence Breakfast, which will be held next Friday, January 18, 2019. Students are eligible to attend the breakfast if they made honor roll BOTH of the two first 9-weeks.

Lastly, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family; we are grateful to have a positive partnership with you that focuses on your child’s growth this year!

Carey Storm


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