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Friday, April 1, 2016


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From the District Administrator's Office

This past Monday the entire Flambeau staff was involved in a training we all hope we will never need to use. Chief Deputy Phil Grassman of the Rusk County Sheriff's Department led us in ALICE training. This training is designed to prepare us if we ever need to deal with an active shooter in our school.

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate and is very different from training 10-15 years ago when we tried to hide from the intruder and hope he/she did not find us.The ALICE philosophy teaches us to alert anyone possible where the intruder is, barricade oneself if need be, and escape as soon as one can away from the dangerous area.

Officer Grassman shared many statistics of shootings over the past 20 years that prove survival rates are much higher when potential victims escape rather than sit and hide. Officer Grassman also led us in a series of scenarios that demonstrated how the ALICE techniques work and are successful.

This training was the first in what we are planning to be a continuing partnership with the Sheriff's Department to provide professional development activities that will prepare our staff members and students to be as safe as we can. As I shared earlier, I hope we never need to implement any of the training techniques we learned, but it is good to know we are better prepared.

-- Mr. Hanson

From the Principal's Office

We would like to invite you to our second annual Celebration of Learning on Tuesday, April 5th. We will be opening our doors to families, friends and community members from 1:00-3:00 and again from 4:00-6:00. Please visit your child’s classroom as well as other classrooms to see what our students have been learning throughout the school year. We are all excited to share our projects and creations!

The Wisconsin Forward Exam is close approaching. Students will take the exam during the last eight weeks of the school year. This new assessment will be used to gauge how well students are mastering the Wisconsin State Standards. The Forward Exam is given to students in grades 3-8 in English Languages Arts (ELA) and mathematics. Grades 4 and 8 are assessed in Science and Grades 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies. Just like the Badger Exam last year, the Wisconsin Forward Exam will be completed online. The exam will include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and writing. The results from the Forward Exam will provide us with insight into how well your child is doing on a broad measure of achievement.

Please remember that attendance is very important unless of course, your child must stay home due to an illness. Please help your child at home by ensuring they get a good night’s sleep during their testing dates, and eating a healthy dinner and breakfast. Many times talking about the test in a positive manner with your child will relieve stress or testing anxiety.

--Mrs. Schley

March STAR Students!

Big image

Front Row: Cassidy Scott, Brooke Baselt, Brady Polak, Austin Evans

Back Row: Marcus Hanson, Avery Evans, Andora Crouse, Brooklyn Ludescher, Emily Ellwanger

Big image

Front Row: Kadence Wagner, Addison Straub

2nd Row: Nevah Bowen, Aria Welke, Ryan vanDoorn, Marcus Isham, Josie Cicha

Back Row: Madison Ammon, Tyler Dearhamer, Autumn Johnson, Emma Ewer, Daniel Knowlton

From The Athletic Director's Office

Hello Everyone,

Spring is certainly upon us. As we welcome Spring in so do we welcome new sports as well. Softball, baseball, and track have all been lucky enough to be outside for parts of their practices already. Track has successfully competed indoors at UW Stout and will again this week at UW Eau Claire. Middle school track began this week and summer baseball and softball teams have had sign ups. If you missed the sign ups contact last year's coach and they can get you pointed in the right direction. It wouldn't be summer without a little ball to play.

In the transportation world Spring is tough on roads and buses. I want to thank everyone who worked with us when we might not have been able to get to your driveway, thank you. With our district being so rural the roads take a toll on the buses. Fortunately the district was able to purchase a new bus this spring and this is greatly appreciated. As we become more and more reliant on technology we have looked to making our buses more rider friendly as well. We are in the early stages of possibly installing Wi-Fi on a bus. As our one to one initiative grows our students could be using their devices for classroom assignments on long bus rides. More to come but I think it could be good for kids.

--Mr. Alberson

Scholastic Book Fair

Don't forget next week is the Scholastic Book Fair. Books are buy one, get one free, so please come check out the awesome selection! Learning never ceases over the Summer, so you may want to look for some good reading for your students to tackle after the school year ends.

Helpful Links, Tricks, and Videos

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Order your Flambeau softball gear at the link below. It is only open until April 4th, so check it out!

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, April 4th, 8am to Friday, April 8th, 3:30pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Baseball & Softball @ Northwood

Monday, April 4th, 5pm

N14463 U.S. 53

Minong, WI

Track @ Spooner

Tuesday, April 5th, 4pm

801 County Highway A

Spooner, WI

Middle/High School Breaking the Grey Presentation

Thursday, April 7th, 1pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Baseball @ Cameron

Thursday, April 7th, 5pm

750 South 1st Street

Cameron, WI

Softball @ Drummond

Friday, April 8th, 4:30pm

52440 Eastern Avenue

Drummond, WI

JV Golf @ Clear Lake

Monday, April 11th, 4pm

Clear Lake, WI, United States

Clear Lake, WI

Track @ Home

Monday, April 11th, 4pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Softball VS Birchwood

Monday, April 11th, 5pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Large Group Festival

Tuesday, April 12th, 1-7pm

Lake Holcombe, WI, United States

Lake Holcombe, WI

Track @ Cameron

Tuesday, April 12th, 4pm

750 South 1st Street

Cameron, WI

Baseball @ Ladysmith

Tuesday, April 12th, 5pm

1700 Edgewood Avenue East

Ladysmith, WI

Softball VS Ladysmith

Tuesday, April 12th, 5pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, April 12th, 7:30pm

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI

Kindergarten Open House

Wednesday, April 13th, 9am

N4540 County Road I

Tony, WI

Middle School Track @ Cornell

Thursday, April 14th, 4pm

111 South 4th Street

Cornell, WI

Golf @ Bruce

Thursday, April 14th, 4pm

Bruce, WI, United States

Bruce, WI

Baseball & Softball @ Prairie Farm

Thursday, April 14th, 5pm

630 River Avenue South

Prairie Farm, WI

Blood Drive

Friday, April 15th, 9am

Flambeau High School, Tony, WI, United States

Tony, WI