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September in Second Grade

In our first meeting we exercised our creativity by playing two fluency and flexibility games. What Could It Be? takes an everyday object and tries to find new uses for it. Ask your student for some alternate uses for a roll of duct tape. List-a-Mania begins with a topic and students must generate as many items as possible that fit a certain criteria.

Social Contract

Together we brainstormed how we want to be treated by each other and by me. We learned our quiet signal and how to help remind our friends when they get off task or are distracting us. We discussed where we had see or heard about contracts before and what they might be used for. They decided it was something people agree on and sign.
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Let's blow out the candles! Let's blow out the candles!...

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Here are our two birthday boys for July-September!

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Our October birthday boy!

Brain Stretching - September 10, 2015

Today we learned how to work logic puzzles. This was a big stretch for some of our kiddos. We worked hard and our brains definitely stretched today!! We should get the hang of this type of logical thinking with practice.

It's a Mystery!

We have been working on a mystery/detective unit this month involving The Great Chocolate Caper. In this unit, we have solved problems using clues, logic puzzles, and code breaking. The students have learned vocabulary words pertaining to mysteries, and will be researching different aspects of chocolate.

In our mystery, we stopped just as we had our suspects narrowed down to four. Each group of students decided who they believe committed the crime of stealing the chocolate recipe, their motive, and how they stole the recipe. We then learned how to make an iMovie, and they created newscasts about their suspects. They are precious!! Check out the creative names they have.

Who do you think the culprit really is?

Nelmira Simpson
Oscar Hobson
News report by mr e clue and page turner and ms news
The Case of Airedale and chocolate with GT news

Please feel free to call or email me. I am always happy to visit with you about your child.

What to look for...

A permission note for your child to be able to work with and sample chocolate as part of our unit on the Great Chocolate Caper will be going home next week.

Beginning with this report card, each 6 weeks, I will be emailing a GT progress report at report card time to let you know how your child is doing on different aspects we are working on in class.

We will be keeping you up to date with GT happenings through our monthly classroom smore.