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Kilgore Intermediate School, Week of February 22-26

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Spring Benchmark Testing

Tuesday, February 23rd - 5th Grade Math

Wednesday, February 24th - 4th Grade Writing

Thursday, February 25th - 5th Grade Reading


Spring benchmarks should be used as a practice for STAAR testing.
  • Teachers are expected to be actively monitoring students at all times.
  • Students are expected to use the strategies they have been taught. While we cannot enforce this during STAAR testing, we should require it for the benchmarks.


Teachers should conference with and assist each student in setting a reasonable goal prior to testing based on the student's progress for the year in that subject. Refer to common grades, the Fall benchmark, and last year's STAAR if applicable.


Students meeting their goals will earn the following rewards:
  • 5th Grade Math: 30 minute recess (Friday, February 26th 2:15-2:45)
  • 4th Grade Writing: 30 minute recess, snack and drink (Thursday, March 3rd - Each teacher will determine the best time for their class on this day.)
  • 5th Grade Reading: Popcorn and Coke Party (Date and Time TBA)
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