Understand PingBit Connect

Get notifications faster and in more places.

Web.More of it.

Thought you were out of data allowance, in a log-in only WiFi area, or where you want to go is slow and blocked?

Now, with PingBit connect, it ain't.


PingBit works striking deals with your favourite websites, content creators, and internet service providers, so you get access to PingBit where it would normally cost.

And then, advertising profits from the mini-apps using PingBit benefit the app creators, the Internet providers, and us.

Thus, advertising pays for not just the apps using PingBit, but the web connection too.


We believe that this system enables increased access, profits and page-views of these services.

And the User receive more, better, faster service.


A idea/organisation focused on reinventing the way people use the web.

Faster is Better.