Roman Empire News

By: Lilly Hill

Relay Race in the mountains!

If you want to do a fun, adventurous relay race, go down to the empire! Bring some friends with you and have a good time. First, see how many rocks you can put into a basket. Next, cook a delicious meal for the judges to taste. Finally, you will receive a list of things to find. You will find these things on a mountain. We have many beautiful mountains. Some people walk on mountains by foot and some by horseback. You will have thirty minutes to find these items. Whoever wins all three games wins! The prize for the winner is a year's worth of your favorite food and drink. So come on down to the Roman Empire to enjoy a fun game!

Plebeian news

Plebeians want some changes in government. They don't think anything is fair. They refer to themselves as 'common people'. They are getting a little mad about this. The Plebeians and the Patricians keep disagreeing over things. Finally, they separated and split apart into their own groups. The Plebeians are having their own assemblies and electing their own officials. We will keep you updated on what happens next.


Dear editor,

Christianity is based around Jesus. Many Romans and Jews heard about about him. Many people were killed just because they believed in Jesus. These people were called martyrs. Christianity is being banned because of potential threat. People should not die because they believe in Jesus. We need to do something about this. Write me back if you have any ideas.

From, the news crew

Barbarians attack Roman Empire

Beyond the borders of the Roman Empire the world was given over to wild barbarians, who were skilled neither in the arts of war nor of peace. The civilization of Rome should go down before their ignorance seemed impossible. The Roman Empire might fall not just because of the attack, but because of the internal problems of the empire. Internal problems are disease, inflation, taxes, food shortages, lack of government services, protection, and stability. We will keep you updated on whether or not the Roman Empire falls.