Village Academy Town Crier

December & New Years Edition

Important Dates for December and January

  • Secondary Exam Week (Dec 14th-18th) See flier & email
  • Winter Holiday (Dec 21st- Jan 1st)
  • Jan 4th - Teacher Work Day Secondary; Elem In-Service Day (no students)
  • Reminder: All assignments and grades must be tied to a standard and must be an academically approriate task. You may not assign a grade for a non-academic task (i.e. progress reports, supplies, etc...)
  • If you wish to assign extra credit to students who have brought a progress report or supplies you must make the possible points zero in GradeQuick and then assign a value to those who have brought the signed report. For those that did not you must leave an asterisk so it is not calculated into the grade.
  • Next LTM's will be built around examining data, creatng action plans, small group planning and adjustments to instruction.
  • Tutorial information is soon to come!
  • Expect invitations for Teacher Data Chats with Admin to review Winter Diag results. Please bring plans for student grouping and secondary benchmarks.
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10 Day of Holiday Cheer!

Ms. Hoffman and Ms. Roth celebrate the first day of Hanukkah!

Dreidel Activity in M. DiPalma's class

Holiday Concert with Chorus & Band

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5:30pm

400 Southwest 12th Avenue

Delray Beach, FL

Join us for a festive evening with our chorus students and band who will be leading us in style celebrating the holiday season! Ms. Williams and Mr. Slaga cordially invite all to attend. Festivities will take place in the cafeteria.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Semester Exams Due

Please submit a copy of your Semester Exam by 12/10 to Ms. Williams. The exams will be reviewed by Ms. Poorman and Ms. Williams.

Crisis Ready?

In an effort to make Village Academy ready for a crisis we are asking teachers to do the following:

1. Please make sure your door is locked at all times.

2. If you see a door propped open please remove the object that is preventing the door from locking.

3. If you notice a lock is broken please email Ms. Roy with the location and description of what is broken so a work order can be submitted.

Window coverings for your classroom doors are being created and laminated by office aides starting 12/8/15. If you do not have a window covering you will receive one.

You're Invited to a Play! "The Weight of Words" Antibullying District Initiative

Here is the play "The Weight of Words", a musical designed to stop bullying. The play will be performed by Shannon Solis' AVID students. The performances will be presented to Village Academy students on the following dates:

January 22, 2015 (Middle School)

Friday, January 29, 2015 (High School).

Mark your calendars!

The Weight Of Words - a musical to stop bullying [Live at the Broward Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL]

Varsity Basketball Home Games


Dec. 11th

Jan. 2nd

Jan. 5th

Jan. 19th

Jan. 29th

Lady Tiger Basketball Home Games

Dec 8th

Dec 10th

Jan 14th

Jan 15th

Jan 20th

Jan 22nd

Jan 28th

Holiday Parade!

Join Village Academy as we celebrate in the Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 6:00pm. The Drumline, Dance Team, Cheerleaders, Homecoming Court, Headstart, ,athletes and more will participate in the parade and have worked very hard to represent Village Academy with style!
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We Are Beautifying Village Academy!

Teachers you may have noticed maintenance hard at work painting and fixing items that have been in need of attention. Please discuss behavior expectations with students for keeping our school clean and leaving everything in proper working order.Thank you!