Using Green Screens

Touchcast Studio

Touchcast Studio can be intimidating at first but once you get started there are so many classroom possibilities it's ridiculous! Start off with a simple idea of using a picture for a background and pretty soon you'll be using all the Vapps they have to offer. Videos, websites, lists, news tickers, calendars, Gif's, Twitter, Facebook, ask a question, take a poll, etc..................

There are so many things you can do with Touchcast. Create a newscast, sportscast, talk show, how to video, review video, business report (these are a few of the pre-made templates for you to use). You can also annotate a picture, video, map, webpage, file or create a live stream. Or, you can make one from scratch, you choose what's the best way for you or let your students choose what they want to do.

Want to make a longer video without interruptions because you forgot what to say? They have a teleprompter that you can type in your speech and you control the speed of the words. Check out their website to learn more about it! Be sure to sign up for the free Educator's Plan

Video Leap

Videoleap is another great app to use if you want to layer some of your videos together. Another one that looks intimidating but once you get started and don't get wrapped up into all the features you can create great videos. Start small and work into some of the more advanced settings.

As long as you have a green screen your students can put themselves wherever they want to go. Create historical reenactment videos. Use a still photo or find a video to put them in the action.

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Apps to Enhance the Use of Green Screen

Examples of Green Screen