If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Book report by Kate Bergen

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If you had the decision to stay or go, what would you do? After a tragic car accident on the way to a friends house, Mia was left alone, without any of her family members. She was rushed to a hospital, different from her family members. Everything was normal expect that Mia was able to see everything that was happening. Nobody could she her, but she knew what was going on. The moment her boyfriend, Adam, found out what had happened he rushed to the hospital, only to find out he couldn't enter the ICU. He made a plan to sneak into the ICU but when the security guards caught him, he wasn't allowed to enter. When Willow, a family friend of Mia's, saw that Adam wasn't allowed to see his girlfriend she immediately found a way for it to work. She talked to all the nurses and the security guards into letting Adam and Mia's best friend see her. When Adam saw her, he only stayed a short period of time, not being able to handle seeing her like this. Hours later, he returned to the ICU and reached for Mia's hand. After talking to her, letting her know that she can make the decision to stay or go, she squeezed Adams hand. That was the first sign of life anyone had seen in Mia since the accident.


I think the theme is believe in yourself and the people around you to get you through the tough times. Even though all of Mia's family was gone, she decided to stay because she had friends around her to help her through the though times.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that the book was written from different times in the characters life. Sometimes it would reflect back to times in Mia's life. It told many stories from her childhood and how her life would be changed due to the accident.

Would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because throughout the story, the author kept you in suspense. You would never know how Mia would react, even though she was able to see everything happen. The story was also written in a way you could connect to things that were happening.

If the book was well written, what made it this way?

I thought the book was well written because it went to different times in Mia's life. I liked that it told a lot of stories from her past and childhood. It was also cool that it showed the times in the day so you knew who much progress Mia had made throughout time. It also had many interesting parts in the book where you didn't know who it would end up.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

I would say that Willow, a family friend, played an important role in this book because she worked hard to get Mia's family and friends into the ICU so they could see her. She was also that one checking in on Mia daily, to make sure she was doing alright. She always had a positive attitude which reflected onto the people around her.