Technology In Music

By: Shayla Rodriguez

Advantages to help deal with stress

When people get stressed out they will try anything to help relief stress. Many people have looked to music as a good stress relievers. Since technology is now combined with music it is easier and quicker to find your favorite songs , or even new ones to relief all the stress and tension.

Advantages in school

Studies have shown that the right kind of music can help you relax your mind which enables you to concentrate better. If you have music playing while you are working in class studies have shown that it could help you stay focus and stay on task.

Advantages at work

Having music in school is not the only place to help people stay on task and study hard but also at work . Having music at work could help you stay focused as well . Many business worker like to plug in when they want to stay focus and not hear the loud copier machine or the loud co-workers .

One of many types of music's to help you relax , study , etc....

Music to relax your mind, study and concentrate - 1 hour relaxation mix by Michael Maxwell #1