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Have you ever wondered why Abigail Adams is still talked about today? If you want to know why she is still talked abouth then continue reading. The first reason why Abigail Adams is still talked about today is why she was important. The second reason why she is talked about is her family Abigail had a really big family. Finally is her childhood you probably don't know that Abigail Adams had a tough childhood. Now you know some of the intresting things that I will be talking about.

Why She Is Important

Do you know why Abigail Adams is so important? If you don't and you want to learn why she was important then this might be right for you. The first reason why she is important is she was the first lady to John Adams. The second reason is she was the mother of Quincy Adams why became the sixth president of the United States. Abigail was most known in the 18th century because that's when John and Abigail got married. Abigail was also involved in Political involvement. She is mostly important because her husbabd John defeated Thomas Jefferson. Now you know why she is important but do you know how big her family was.


You might think that two kids is a lot, but did you know that Abigail and John had FIVE CHILDREN! Abigail had three sisters and brothers their names were Elizabeth, Mary, and William. Abigail also had five children named Abigail, John Quincy, Susanna, Charles,cand Thomas. Skme things that Abigail loved doing was being a farm wife, cooking, sewing, spinning, smoking meats, gardening, and caring for other children. Abigail and John met in 1759 when Abigail was only fifteen. Abigail and John didn't see eye to eye. Abigail and John were third cousins and knew eachother since they were CHILDREN! Now you know how big her family was but do you know what Abigail Adam's childhood was like.


Did you have to do chores when you were five. Probably not, Abigail started doing major chores when she was five. Abigail Adams was born November 22, 1744. Abigail grew up with her mom and dad. She was born in Weymouth Massachusettes. Abigail didn't go to school because girls weren't allowed. While she didn't go to school her mom taught her reading, writing, sewing, cooking, and arithmatic. At the age of five she was expected to do daily chores around the house. She suffered several illnesses.


political involvement-to be involved in voting or being in an act of terroism.

eye to eye-to not agree on something

arithmatic-involving numbers or math



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