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Did you know . . .

The MCSI 2016 Holiday and Pay Day calendar is out!
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Words of Wisdom

"Thy nativity, O Christ our God,
has shown to the world the light of wisdom;
for by it, those who worshiped the stars
were taught by a star to adore Thee
the Sun of Righteousness,
and to know Thee, the Orient from on high.
O Lord, glory to Thee."

-Orthodox Christian Troparion of the Nativity

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The Doc is in

Health tips from a weekly newsletter from new insurance company - United Healthcare

December is all about Holiday Wellness.

This week: Relax! Easy Ways to Reduce Holiday Stree

Safety Begins with Me!

This Christmas season the weather is all over the place. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Well a week from today, Christmas Day - it is supposed to be 80 degrees and raining. Many people travel this time of year. So the roads are already crowded and adding in some wet weather makes it even more of an obstacle. So use these driving tips in the link below and have safe travels this Christmas season,

Merry Christmas!

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