Historical fiction-A fictional story that takes place in certain time period in the past. Often the setting is real ,but the characters are usually from the authors` imagination .

I think the genre of my book is historical fiction .I think this because, in the book it says it is in the 1800s and part of the meaning of historical fiction is that it takes place in a certain time period. Also the setting sounds real, the setting is not fantasy like.


In the book Mr. Tucket ,Francis is encouraged by Mr. Grimes to fight to win a bet. Though Francis thinks he cannot win the fight ,but he discovered that he could fight because he won the fight .

The same experience has happened to me a friend has encouraged me to do I thought I couldn't do , but I discovered that I could do what I thought I couldn't do.


pg. number; 166

Text Evidence: In the text it says ,''somehow he knew he`d better not look back at Mr. Grimes-not even to wave a good-bye.

Background Knowledge : I know that when someone feels sad to leave someone or something behind they don't want to separate , they don't want to think about leaving it behind.

Inference:I infer that Francis is sad that he is leaving Mr. Grimes because he was the only family he had for a while.

pg.. Number:65

Text evidence:" But get out of the hold he did within 30 seconds."

Background Knowledge :I can that if someone knows how to get out of a hold of a fight in less than a few second u can tell the fighter is an experienced fighter.

Inference :I infer that Francis is a wise fighter.

character traits

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Plot Elements

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Warning:dont look if you get grossed out


Buffalo Chips-the dried dung(poop) of buffalo used as fuel , especially by early settlers on the western plains.

I saw buffalo chips on the grass.

buffalo chips=noun


Buckskins-are clothing , a soft sueded leather from the hide of deer.

I saw some buckskins hanging in a store.


Pg. 74

Marvel-be filled with wonder or astonishment.

I marveled at the sight of my first phone!


Pg. 148

Buffalo Chip

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Francis wanted to get back to his family after he got captured by Pawnees . So, a man Mr. Grimes ,helped him escape. Then Francis went on his own to get back to his family.

NonFiction Research

Beaver pelts/beaver fur was used to make clothing like ,hat ,mittens ,and much more.Sometimes they were traded for other things.Beavers were trapped/killed by traps or skilled Indians .

FUN FACT:There is actually a store called The Mountain Man .In the book In the beginning Mr. Grimes is called "The Mountain Man"

Gary Paulsen as an author

If a friend ,a fifth grader who was not in your class asked you to tell you about Gary Paulsen what would you say?

I would say that Gary Paulsen is an author that writes about teen boys trying to get to their family .Sometimes someone comes along to help them on their mission . Usually it is a outdoor mission.

Like in Mr. Tucket ,Francis the teen boy is trying to get back to his family , because he got caught by Pawnees. then Mr. Grimes comes along and helps him escape. In Woodsrunner,it is in revolutionary war time and his village is burned and finds not a single trace that his parents were killed . So he heads on a mission to find his parents and finds a girl whose parent were killed by British soldiers .

In conclusion ,I think that Gary Paulsen is a author that is adventurous, exciting , and nature loving author

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