RU Newsletter for Week of 1.17.22

Updates, Reminders and Information to Inform the Weeks Ahead

From Co-Principals Lisa Floyd & Caty Sutton

January 17, 2022

Dear RU families,

We hope that you are all staying warm during these frigid January days. Recently, a spectacular winter sunrise reminded us to capture and appreciate these winter days; as long as the days may seem sometimes, there is such a unique beauty to the VT winters that we are fortunate to enjoy.

Thank you all for your ongoing patience and flexibility as we continue to navigate this challenging time of increasing positive COVID cases and the inadequate amount of supplies that we need in order to adhere to the newly issued state guidance. We are doing our best to be as communicative and supportive as possible; please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about this new guidance or our approach to implementing these protocols at RU- it has been confusing information to sift through and make sense out of, and we are so grateful to our school nurses who continue to manage seemingly insurmountable obstacles and handle it all with such grace and compassion.

In this edition of our community newsletter, you will find information about our “Home Test to Stay” protocol, our sports “Return to Play” protocol, information from our Student Services department, and information regarding access to the Schoology portal for students and families as we reach the end of our second quarter of the school year.

Our purpose was not to overwhelm you all with too much information, and we expect that there may be more questions, so please feel free to reach out to us anytime for clarification or to share any concerns, ideas, or thoughts you may have.

In collaboration and partnership,

Lisa Floyd & Caty Sutton

RU Co-Principals

COVID Clarification for Common Questions

RU school nurse, Sadie Lyford, has kindly anticipated some questions you may have about the new COVID guidance for schools; please see the document below to use as a quick reference guide

COVID Clarification for Common Questions

RU "Home Test to Stay" Protocol

Please review the letter linked below for information about our “Home Test to Stay” program, which will allow those students who have been identified as close contacts to test at home and come to school during the quarantine period if they test negative on each day

“Home Test to Stay” letter

RU "Return to Play" Protocol

As RU Athletic Director, Ben Diller, shared with you through his “Ghostly Preview” on Friday, the protocol for students to return to play is different from the “Home Test to Stay” protocol because of the potential for cardiac risks due to COVID

From Mr. Diller:

  • After awaiting the latest guidance from the AOE, and discussions with both Mr. Millington and Mrs. Lyford, I can now share the return to play requirements following a positive COVID test:

    • For any athlete who tests positive, a signed note from their PCP must be dated/submitted to the school at least 10-days following the positive test. This note should state whether or not the student-athlete is approved to full return or if he/she/they requires a “Return to Play” process

    • The note should be submitted/sent to Mr. Diller, who will then share the note with the school nurse and athletic trainer. This will ensure communication with the athletic coaches as well

    • Please know that many PCPs are going to require a “Return to Play” process to be completed by student-athletes (similar to the RTP policy following a concussion). The most common RTP process following COVID is a 7-day/step process

    • We are going to follow the doctor's note. For many of our student-athletes, this will include the RTP process as we have heard many PCPs are requiring this. Between the 10-day clearance and expected RTP processes, this puts many of our student-athletes at a 17-day process to be green lit to play again. This extended period obviously has a drastic impact on our team's schedules, so please be patient and flexible as I look to rescheduling/cancellations through the coming days/week

    • If you have questions as to why the RTP policy is being utilized, it is due to the increased risk of Myocarditis following COVID. We want to make sure that our students are safe upon returning to their sports

    • Note: Please know that Meghan Foster will be at RUHS on Fri 1/21 to do COVID clearances that are needed. Students or parents should contact Mrs. Lyford to schedule a meeting if you want to do it at the school

News and Updates from RU Student Services

Alumni Forum at RU

  • On December 22nd, RU Student Services welcomed RU alumni from the last six years to speak with our current juniors and seniors about post-secondary pathways. Alumni shared experiences from college to the world of work to the military to how to financially make ends meet. Our students had the opportunity to ask questions and find out how to make the most out of the time they have left at RU.

College Applications and Acceptances

  • RU Seniors are in the process of applying to college, as well as beginning to get decision letters back if they applied early decision/action. As usual, we have students applying to lots of different colleges. Thus far, we have kids who have received acceptances from University of Vermont, Endicott College, University of Montana, Hampshire College, Suffolk University, and more.

Semester 2 Schedule Changes

  • Second semester starts on Monday, January 31. Students and/or parents are welcome to contact their school counselor to make changes to their schedules.

  • Kara Merrill, grades 7 & 8, half of 11 & 12,

  • Bev Taft, grades 9 &10, half of 11 & 12,

Accessing the Schoology Portal

By now, you should have received information by mail about how to access your student’s Schoology portal

  • If you have not received this information, please contact our main office

  • If you have received this information but are having trouble logging into the system or have questions about what you are seeing, please contact Caty Sutton (

  • If you have questions about anything you are seeing regarding a specific course, please contact the respective teacher

RU Academic Spotlight: Students Learning in Action!

Students Learning in the Innovation Center!

Big picture
Students check on the progress of 3D printed projects (students are now able to monitor the machines from home!)
Big picture

Science teacher Patrick Martin with some Environmental Science students working on the stream table

Big picture

Deb Schaner's grade 10 science class engaged in a pig vein & artery project

Grade 10 Science Enhanced Microscopic Photos using iPhones

Big picture
A paramecium undergoing binary fission in order to reproduce
Big picture
Enhanced microscopic image of the root tip of a bean plant, grade 10 science

Contact Us!

Please contact us if you should have any questions related to the content in our newsletters or for any other purpose- we really appreciate the feedback!

Lisa Floyd & Caty Sutton

RU Co-Principals