Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

What Is ALS?

Most causes of Als are unknown at the moment. Some causes happen by mutations in chromosomes. Als causes connections between the motor neurons and muscles to harden and die.This can immobilize people and cause them to not be able to do simple tasks such as breathing, speaking, walking, and writing. As of now there is no known cure for ALS but treatment can help delay it. A way you can help people with ALS in our environment is having ramps and elevators in places that you would usually cannot get in wheelchairs. Recently the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral all over social media raising a lot of funding and awareness for ALS. This has raised over 110 million dollars for the ALS Association. Every day about 15 new people are diagnosed with ALS. You can help raise money for ALS by donating money to the ALS Association.