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Counselor's Corner - January 2016

Joining a Group and Trustworthiness

Dear Ben Franklin families,

This month in Guidance lessons we talked about being Trustworthy: Tell the truth, be someone others can count on, and try to do the right thing even when it's hard. Kindergarten and First grade students heard the story of The Berenstain Bears and The Truth and played the Trustworthy or Not Trustworthy game.

Second and Third graders listened to the story about Ruthie and the (Not so) Teenie Tiny Lie. After our book discussion, we spent some time in small groups working on different scenarios about what to do and what not to do as a trustworthy person. Some examples included: What do you do if- you lose your library book, you find a wallet, you forget to do your homework, etc.

We wrapped up the month by reviewing our Social Skill for January- Listening Position- and introduced our Social Skill of the Month for February- Joining a Group. It's not always easy to join a group, especially if the kids are already in the middle of a game. The best advice to give your child is to be friendly and ask to join after watching the kids and waiting to be noticed by them.

It would be great if you and your child can practice the skill. Asking to join or giving the other kids a compliment about what they are doing will show your child is friendly and that they will add value to the activity. Some things they could say include, "That looks like fun!" or "You are really good at that!"

Thank you for all you do to help support your child and the Guidance program!


Dawn Wolf

School Counselor

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