Kelsi, Meadow, Steven


Cats VS Dogs

Dogs and cats are both incredible pets to have but let’s face it, cats are better. Why would cats be worshiped if they weren’t the best? Cats don’t need to be bathed or need to be let outside to do their business. They also don’t need a whole ton of exercise and can entertain themselves. They also don’t need constant attention and can just sleep all day if they want. They are also pretty quiet and don’t bark when the mailman comes. They are very good companions and only act like “devils”, like they are labeled all the time, if they are treated wrong. If you want a pet the smart choice would be a wonderful pet cat.

Better School Lunches are Needed!

Let’s face, school lunches are terrible. Even the teachers won’t eat. This is a problem that needs to be solved or else the youth will suffer even more than they already have to by being stuck at school for eight hours five days a week. Lunches need to be healthy and fulfilling not canned, bagged, and frozen. Why do animals get better food than children? We need fresh food actually made by staff not a microwave. We hire lunch ladies for a reason, to make lunch not heat things up even though the “meal” still remains cold. Students are begging you, please get actually good lunches for once.

Barack Needs to Stay

These past eight years have been some of the best all because of one man, Barack Obama. He is the first African American president ever and he has done amazing things that no other president has achieved. He wants health care for all, allows same sex marriage, and is trying his best with his wife’s help to make lunch healthy and good. Barack has done so much even though society is still filled with racism. Barack could do so much more for another four years that he should stay. If Teddy Roosevelt could change the rules why not Obama? Please Barack we want you to stay.
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Joey is the Best By Far

We have all seen the iconic show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and we all have a favorite, this favorite should be Joey Tribbiani. Joey is funny, sweet, and the only non-American in the group of friends. Representation is important and Joey is the only one who can give it to us. Joey is always hilarious and he won’t get three divorces like Ross, actually shows his feelings unlike Chandler, isn't obsessed with cleaning like Monica, doesn’t use dead parents as an excuse like Phoebe, and doesn’t whine like Rachel. He is also very passionate about his acting and never gave up even when he couldn’t get a job. Joey is obviously the best character inside and out.
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Red Robin Betrayal

Once upon a time I loved Red Robin then one fateful night changed that for good. It was my brother’s birthday dinner and he decided to go to Red Robin. My aunt, uncle, cousins, my grandma, and my family all piled on our cars and headed on over to the place of choice. We had a little wait but it wasn’t that bad and we all got seats. While looking through the menu there was tons of laughs and fun memories made and we all talked about what sounded good. My cousin and I decided we were in the mood for a salad. There was one listed as “Insane Romain” and it came with romaine lettuce with caesar dressing and it was slightly grilled. It also came with four pieces of chicken. The corner picture looked delicious and like a salad so I ordered that and couldn’t wait. We waited and chatted and finally the food came. Mine was the last to arrive and to my surprise it was not a salad. They brought out two stalks of lettuce with the ends still on drizzled with the dressing and and toppings and four small pieces of chicken sat on the side. The waitress walked away and we all start laughing, I was so annoyed and it wasn’t even good after the hard work my aunt did to cut them all up and get off the pieces you aren’t meant to eat. The chicken was what made it all worth it. It was the best chicken I have ever had and luckily that was enough to fill me up including the free fries. They have made memories that will last forever though and that is the best thing about that night.

The Hobbit Bobbits

The Hobbit Bobbits is a band created by four 8th grade students who changed the class. This band was made up of Drake Hodges, Kelsi Cox, Meadow Mobley, and Rebekah Perry. It all started as a joke in a ELA project about the book the Hobbit. We were all playing around saying “Let’s make a parody” and all of the sudden it became a reality. We quickly made up a plan to meet up at Meadow’s house and then we made T.G.I.G. a parody of Katy Perry’s hit single T.G.I.F.. It was genius and all looked perfect until we finally got to that fateful day of recording it. We wasted most of the time eating pizza, talking about Courteney Cox, naming bumblebees, boy sleepers, and so much more that we started actually working with only 30 short minutes left. We had no lyrics memorized perfectly, are hands were way too shaking to be recording a music video, and we either were screaming or whispering those faithful lyrics. Meadow and Kelsi screamed the lyrics perfectly every time but Drake and Rebekah merely whispered one time those beautiful lyrics but sadly the camera barely picked them up. Rebekah’s father Michael Perry recorded us all screeching T.G.I.G. over and over again. Michael muttered “I’m getting dizzy” and we only picked up on it after the circle. This iconic line is still quoted today. After hours of editing it was done and when showed to the class of 24 they all cheered with awkwardness and happiness. The Hobbits are still together today but sadly no other songs were produced.

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Band Goes to Worlds of Fun

Every year the band kids go to Worlds Of Fun. We have to go to Osage Trails Middle School by around 8 and wait to load on the busses until 9. Then we take the around 20 minutes ride to Worlds Of Fun. Then we get to go ride some rollercoasters until it is time for lunch. At around 12:30 we have lunch that is terribly disgusting and disappoints everyone every year. We had soggy chicken, water downed corn, smushy fruit, but overall the cookies were amazing because they were store bought. Then we get to ride a few more roller coasters then we had to perform. We all got changed on the hot busses into our all black outfits and warmed up. Then we finally performed for around eight minutes then finally you get to go ride a few more rides then finally you get to go home. On the way home McDonald's is a must to get. Although it is a long day the Worlds of Fun band trip is always a fun time and you should look forward to it.

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Extempore is where a group of 4-6 kids all make a four or five minute skit about a subject following close guidelines. In example this year it is called “What a Kick!” and all of the skits will have a Italian theme. There are four different groups that you can choose from and they are all different. These include Showtime, Engineering Feats, Fine Tuning, and Perspective. The only one I know the exact steps of it's Showtime. You get thirty minutes to incorporate five new things into your skit. In this thirty minutes you are also graded and need to make any last second props and get changed if needed. You are allowed two boxes to bring supplies and clothes in but they must fit the qualifications. Finally there are three AHAs that are difficult challenges that you need to complete with the guidelines you are given. Everyone always looks forward to going and having a good time.